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Extended Stay-at-home Order Will Not Stop Fellerman & Ciarimboli From Serving You


As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to expand in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolfe has extended the stay-at-home order through the end of April. However, our team will continue to serve you using remote capabilities via phone call, video chat, text message, or through our social media channels. Our case management system, cloud services, and other technologies are allowing us to continue to accept new cases while also handling current ones.

While this is an overwhelming time, we want to assure you that we will do everything in our power to make sure your case is fairly heard and that you are prepared for any hearings, both in person or virtually, that may arise.

Below you will find tips for teleconferencing with an attorney or before a judge.

  • Private and safe. As reports have been released that some video calls have been interrupted by hackers, we will ensure that your privacy is maintained and protected via privacy settings or password protection when you are working with our firm. When using Zoom, we recommend the use of the updated version from January 2020 which added passwords by default to avoid entry by random users.
  • Informed. If this is the first time you have had to use virtual communication, especially for a legal case, you may have questions. We will work with you to ensure that you are prepared for a teleconference before a judge during this time.
  • On-time. When you have a meeting in person, you know it’s best practice to be on time, if not early. When it comes to teleconferencing with a judge, the same rules apply. We will go over the process with you to ensure you understand how to phone into the call.
  • The law still applies. Whether you are in a deposition or in a hearing, you are still under oath, even if you are not there in person.
  • Find a quiet space. It’s important to remember that a court reporter will also be on the call which means that they, along with the judge, need to be able to hear you properly. Find a quiet place in your home that has good cell phone service, and avoids unnecessary background noise. It also helps to use your handset, not the speaker for the call.
  • Charge your battery. Remember, these calls can last up to 90 minutes, so make sure you have a fully charged battery.
  • Be safe and smart. Do not take conference calls with your attorney or for your hearing or deposition while driving your car. Also, do not take other calls or answer text messages during the call.
  • Answer coherently. It’s important that you ask questions so you can ensure you are answering what is being asked of you. Do not answer if you are unsure of the question and ask for clarification. Also, do not speak over anyone else. This makes it difficult for the court reporter to take accurate notes.
  • Stay calm. For many, this is uncharted territory and the stress is even higher if this is your first deposition or hearing. Just remain calm and courteous to all parties involved.
  • Call an attorney you can trust. Fellerman & Ciarimboli is here to help you during this uneasy time. We will guide you through the virtual court process, aid you in your case and make sure you are prepared for anything.


Times are uneasy right now, but we’re here to help you through the process. If you have a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, an issue with your estate planning documents or have suffered due to COVID-19, our firm is here for

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