Protect Your Family From Defective Products This Holiday Season


Did you know that the toy industry brings in $110.9 billion annually in the United States? With that big of a market impact, product-related incidents are bound to happen. If only Santa’s elves could help us avoid holiday catastrophe when it comes to defective products! 

There is good news, however. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of yearly toy recalls has gone down since 2008. 

But children’s safety is always a concern when it comes to your holiday gift-giving. Even when purchasing products meant to protect our children, accidents can occur. The personal injury attorneys at Fellerman & Ciarimboli are on  your side in any defective product litigation and can help you protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season. 

2019 Toy Recalls: Defective Products

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports all recalled products, available online for consumers. Each report details the name of the product, the hazard type, how consumers were compensated along with the total number of units impacted and the recall date. 

Such products include Cat & Jack Unicorn boots, Fisher-Price Children’s Power Wheels Barbie Dream Campers, Luv Betsey, Lauren Conrad, and other private label universal rechargeable power banks, and Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers which actually resulted in numerous infant deaths.

You can see all recalls in the United States by visiting the organization’s recall list

Know Your Rights Under The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Amended in 2008, the act provides “significant new regulatory and enforcement tools as part of amending and enhancing several CPSC statutes, including the Consumer Product Safety Act.” Such improvements include regulations on lead, phthalates, toy safety, third-party testing and certification, imports, ATVs, civil and criminal penalties. 

Protect your kids this holiday season.

The American Academy of Pediatrics knows the holiday season should be a time of merriment and cheer. They’ve provided guidance to parents this holiday to protect children from accidents. 

  • Fire Resistant. When purchasing an artificial tree, be sure to check for the “fire resistant” label on the packaging. You’ll also want to be mindful of your holiday lights, displays, and any corded products that may overheat and cause fires. 
  • Check your trimmings. Children are curious. Make sure breakable and small objects are not in little hands reach on your Christmas tree. Also, be mindful of objects that may look like candy as small children may be tempted to consume them. 
  • Put your plants in a safe location. The winter holiday season has its own array of foliage. Be mindful of where you place mistletoe berries, Jerusalem cherry, and holly berry, as they can be poisonous if ingested. 

Have you been a victim of defective products? Contact Us.

Defective products can do more than ruin your holidays, they can ruin your life. Have questions? Contact the Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton defective products lawyers at Fellerman & Ciarimboli now to discuss your options regarding the damages suffered as a result of a faulty product.

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