Defective Products That Can Really Ruin Your Holidays

broken christmas ornaments

The holidays. For many, they represent a time of great celebration. That said, many may say otherwise. Unfortunately, there’s the chance that defective products can really ruin what you might consider the most special time of the year.

Take for example last year’s dream gift for many children. Surely, you’ve heard of the hoverboard. However, the number of accidents associated with hoverboards is astounding. In some cases, they caught on fire. The problem became so bad that some retailers discontinued the sale of hoverboards.

In the meantime, studies showed other statistics. It seemed that boys were hurt the most often when using hoverboards. One journal article attributed the majority of injuries to falls. Could design issues contribute to the risk of broken bones and even brain injuries?

Meanwhile, there are other gift concerns. What about the harm caused when children use toys that contain lead paint? How about the potential for products poorly made that could cause lacerations?

Of course, that’s not to say that danger is solely related to exchanging gifts. Many holiday accident claims are related to something else entirely.

Defective Products and Holiday Decorations

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, holiday decorations can easily lead to injuries. For starters, more and more ladders are used during this time of year than any other period of time.

So, what’s that mean exactly? You might not realize it – but there is such a thing as a defective ladder. Unfortunately, you might learn that the hard way if you’ve decided to put up decorative displays.

Without question, there’s also consideration of the Christmas tree. And, it’s not just live ones that are cause for concern.

The obvious is that trees should be isolated from heat sources. At least one horrific accident has occurred when a space heater malfunctioned and lit a live tree on fire. Pine is an accelerant of its own accord and can cause severe damages. In some cases, burns will be severe and there is the possibility of someone dying as the result of a fire.

In the meantime, Christmas lights may also prove challenging and cause injuries. This can occur if the lights are on the tree or on display on the home’s exterior.

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The bottom line is that defective products can do more than ruin your holidays. They can cause severe injuries or death. Have questions? Contact Fellerman & Ciarimboli to schedule an appointment.

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