[Infographic] Big Rig “No-Zones:” 3 Reasons to Be Mindful

POV shot of a driver in a compact car approaching a large truck on the left on a snowy highway

The blind spots on large trucks are often referred to as “no-zones” because motorists should never drive in a truck’s no-zones for very long. Driving in the no-zones not only puts you at a heightened risk of a crash but also all other nearby drivers.

Here are a few reasons to be mindful of the no-zones on big rigs:

#1 - The blind spots on large trucks are massive.

While your passenger car may have a couple of small blind spots, they’re nothing compared to a big rig’s “no-zones.” If you know the areas in which the truck driver cannot see you, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding accidents due to the truck driver not knowing you’re there.

#2 - Big rigs have blind spots on all sides.

No matter what side of the truck you’re driving on, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain areas in which a trucker cannot see. View the infographic below for a visual understanding of where the “no-zones” on a truck are.

#3 - Driving in the no-zones can easily lead to accidents.

Because trucks have such massive blind spots, it’s wise to avoid driving in those areas for extended periods of time. Passing a truck on the left is just fine, but make sure you don’t drive on their side for too long. The trucker may not realize you’re there since they can’t see you, and you could end up getting in their way if they need to change lanes.

[Infographic] Stay Out of The "No-Zones"

Stay Out Of The “No-Zones”

No Zones = Blind Spots

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