Attorney General Investigates COVID-19 Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Tuesday that he is prepared to bring criminal charges against nursing home facilities and staff for nursing home abuse and neglect towards those residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shapiro’s office explained that there are active investigations in several nursing homes across the state for criminal negligence related to how the facilities handled the spread and care of the coronavirus.

“Protecting seniors and our most vulnerable in the care of others, is one of the core responsibilities of my office and we’re stepping up to protect older Pennsylvanians during this crisis,” Shapiro said in a statement. “We will hold nursing facilities and caretakers criminally accountable if they fail to properly provide care to our loved ones.”

In the numbers tallied by the state on Tuesday, approximately 2,611 nursing home residents and staff have died from COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. This is about 70% of the 3,800 total deaths reported statewide.

While the Keystone state has given, to some capacity, civil liability immunity to health care workers, this does not extend to the facilities themselves.

If you believe your loved one was neglected while in the care of a nursing home facility during the COVID-19 pandemic, you deserve justice. In this unprecedented time, we need to protect our most vulnerable population.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect: Covid-19

While nursing home neglect and abuse can result in emotional and physical harm to the resident, such as illness, injury, depression, and anxiety, etc. during the novel coronavirus outbreak, these issues may be perpetuated by insufficient resources or abilities by the facility. Such issues to be mindful of during this time include:

  • Lack of appropriately trained staff
  • Insufficient number of staff available, leading to health needs being neglected
  • Lack of necessary personal protective equipment and gear to care for and protect residents
  • Trauma

Know Your Rights. Protect Your Loved Ones.

The spread of COVID-19 has greatly impacted our loved ones in the care of nursing home facilities. While these are stressful times for all, there is no excuse for the neglectful actions of these medical workers who have not practiced the needed precautions to care for our elderly.

Be it from lack of resources, knowledge or ability, the actions and ultimately inactions of these care facilities have put our state’s elderly at risk, and in many cases, have led to deaths that should have been avoided.

Do not let their pain and suffering be in vain. If you have a loved one who was neglected or abused while in the care of a Pennsylvania nursing home facility, know that we are here for you.

Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: Fellerman & Ciarimboli

COVID-19 has proven to be an extraordinarily challenging medical crisis for millions in our nation. But when your loved one has been a victim, do not let the current health crisis deter you from seeking justice.

The Pennsylvania nursing home neglect attorneys at Fellerman & Ciarimboli have years of experience in handling nursing home neglect cases. We know how difficult this time has been, as many of our elderly loved ones have been in isolation for weeks, unable to tell us what is happening behind those closed doors. Let us be their voice.

From witness testimonies, medical examinations and records, as well as reviewing the protocols followed by the facility, our nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers will do everything in their power to ensure your loved one is protected from future harm.

If you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse as a result of COVID-19, contact the Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyers at Fellerman & Ciarimboli today for a free consultation.

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