8 Common Car Accident Injuries

Young woman exits the passenger's side of a vehicle that's just been in an accident

Being involved in a car accident is never a fun or favorable experience to endure—especially if you sustain injuries. Certain injuries seem to occur as a result of car accidents more often than others. Read on to learn more.

8 Common Injuries

The following injuries are commonly sustained as a result of car accidents:

#1: Cuts and Scratches

These types of wounds can easily become infected if not properly treated right away. Be sure to take the proper care if your skin is punctured.

#2: Broken Ribs

Ribs can become fractured or broken very easily since they are so fragile. These sorts of injuries can be very painful and require an extended period of rest to recover.

#3: Broken Bones

It is relatively common for people to sustain broken bones in car accidents. Some of the bones broken most often are:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Shoulders

#4: Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and other types of head injuries can prompt long-term challenges with brain function, headaches, and sleep issues. It is important to address these injuries right away so they do not exacerbate.

#5: Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a very common car accident injury. This type of injury can cause significant long-term damage and can even be life-threatening if not treated immediately. Unless you’re absolutely certain that you are unharmed after an accident, it’s important to seek medical attention right away to check for any internal bleeding.

#6: Knee Damage

If your knees hit the dashboard in a car accident, your ligaments and kneecaps can sustain harm. Knees are very complex joints, which makes their injuries difficult to diagnose and treat.

#7: Herniated Disc

When one or more vertebrae in your spine either rupture or shift out of position, you’ve suffered a herniated disc. This type of injury can be very painful and cause harm to other areas of the body.

#8: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many injured accident victims suffer emotional trauma as a result of a crash. Depression and PTSD have similar symptoms, but it’s important not to confuse the two.

The following are symptoms of depression:

  • Sad or hopeless feelings
  • Regularly tired or a lack of energy
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Activities you used to enjoy no longer bring you pleasure
  • It’s difficult to focus and make decisions
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Thinking about suicide or death often

The following are symptoms of PTSD:

  • Re-experiencing memories
    • Including flashbacks, intrusive memories about the event, nightmares, and undesired memories.
  • Avoidance
    • Avoiding talking or thinking about the event, which can also include avoiding people, places, or events that are triggering.
  • Mood swings and negativity
    • Feeling blue, numb, and hopeless often. You may also be overly self-critical or feel excessive guilt or self-loathing. This may also pair with a feeling of detachment from others, including friends and family.
  • Behavior and reaction changes
    • This includes unusual outbursts, becoming startled or scared easily, being unreasonable, and frequently angry. Some people also act in self-destructive ways.

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