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Case Against Twiss Transportation Who Fatally Killed Two Musicians In A July Trucking Accident, Heats Up


It’s been a very long ten weeks for the family and friends of all those involved in the fatal trucking accident with Twiss Transportation that killed two band and crew members on their way to play a show in St. Petersburg, Florida. Adrenaline Mob bassist David Zablidowsky was killed by the impact of the crash, and tour manager Janet Rains, tragically passed away from her injuries on August 23.

While fans all over the nation are mourning the deaths of these two beloved musicians, behind the scenes legal matters are heating up as Fellerman & Ciarimboli, the truck accident attorneys with locations in Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton, continue to investigate.

The Investigation

Fellerman & Ciarimboli have traveled back and forth between Pennsylvania and Florida with their team of experts performing accident reconstructions and collecting pertinent information. Fellerman & Ciarimboli believe if all protocol is being followed, semi-trucks do not simply cross over a whole lane of traffic, striking an immobile vehicle.

Not to much surprise of all the attorneys involved in the case, the trucking company in question does indeed have a questionable safety record. Just in the last two years, Twiss Transportation received 87 violations ranging from unsafe driving to controlled substances and alcohol. In addition to the violations, the company is also responsible for 14 crashes – one causing a fatality and seven causing injuries.

Twiss Transportation remains under Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli’s close watch, even though the trucking company has received a satisfactory rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Fellerman & Ciarimboli made it clear they couldn’t care less about what the transportation company’s rating is because in the end the tractor-trailer driver killed two people and injured a number of others. Fellerman further said that once interrogatories are served, and litigation ensues, they will really see how truly safe Twiss Transportation claims to be.

Fighting for The Injured

Those injured by tractor-trailer drivers in Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton or any other state will never have the same life again after being in an accident. Years of experience and proven success in fighting for those who have been injured in truck accidents, Fellerman & Ciarimboli is the law firm of choice for victims across Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. So, let us help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. For a free consultation, please call 888-570-HURT, or browse our website to fill out a contact form.

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