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Slip & Fall Injury Claims Increase During Autumn

slip and fall

Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence during autumn in Pennsylvania. There are several factors that contribute to this situation. It is changes in the environment as well as the weather. It is the time of year when property owners and managers need to assess the common hazards that exist on their property, along with taking every precaution to make their property safe for patrons as well as guests. They could be held legally liable for a slip and fall on their property. There are some common hazards they should address.

Slippery Leaves

The color of the changing leaves during autumn is considered a thing of beauty. When these leaves fall and are not removed, they can cause accidents. Rain is a big factor of autumn weather in Pennsylvania, and it will make the leaves wet as well as slippery. In certain situations, they are as dangerous as ice. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their sidewalks or building entryway free from wet leaves.

Halloween Decorations: A Surprising Cause Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Many homes and businesses will decorate their property during Halloween. This often involves decorations operated with wires that are plugged into an electrical outlet. Should the wires be left lying around or not properly maintained, they can become a significant safety hazard. It’s possible for individuals to trip on them or worse. Every safety precaution needs to be taken when having these types of decorations.

Extended Darkness

During autumn, the sun will set earlier. This makes it dark outside for longer periods of time. This situation can make it extremely challenging to identify certain dangers. Slip and fall accidents can involve people falling because of objects left in their path. They could also walk into objects because it was difficult to see them.

Increased Activity Can Lead To Slip And Fall Accidents

Autumn is the time of year when retail outlets begin preparing for the holiday shopping season. This will result in a significant increase in people visiting stores and going shopping. More people means an increased risk of accidents occurring. It could be spilled drinks, slick floors from rainy weather, holiday displays crowding the isles, and more. This is a common cause of slip and fall accidents.

Decreased Visibility

The weather during autumn will often have fog as well as rain. Since darkness comes earlier in the day, it can challenge a person’s visibility. It will be more difficult to notice objects in the street. The wet and slippery conditions also make climbing outside stairs more dangerous, so it is crucial that you keep them clean and dry to avoid injury.

Falling Objects And Slip And Fall Accidents

Autumn is a time of year with significant wind. This causes leaves to fall but also tree branches and other types of debris to land onto sidewalks. Property owners have an obligation to make certain they do not harm visitors or people simply walking by their property who could have an accident with these objects.

Anyone who is a victim of a slip and fall accident should consider getting necessary medical attention. If it was caused by negligence, they may also want to speak with an experienced attorney. They can carefully examine a case and determine what compensation is fair for the accident victim. These legal professionals know how to file a claim and protect their client’s rights during the entire process.

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