Why in the World are There Suddenly More Pedestrian Accidents?


It’s one of the first lessons parents teach their children. However, the reminder to “look both ways” before crossing the street may not be enough. The number of fatalities related to pedestrian accidents continues to increase.

Truth be told, the numbers are astonishing. The Governors Highway Safety Association commissioned a study to evaluate state and national trends in 2018 pedestrian fatalities.  According to projections, 6,277 people died nationally when they were struck by a motor vehicle. This represents a four percent increase over the prior year – and the highest in three decades.

While it’s great to make the top ten list for some things, pedestrian traffic fatalities are not one of them. Unfortunately, preliminary reports show that Pennsylvania ranked seventh when it came to an increase in auto-pedestrian deaths. A comparison of the same six-month period during 2017 and 2018 showed a marked increase of 42% representing 26 more lost lives.

Pennsylvania remained on the top ten list as far as the number of pedestrian fatalities as well. Ninety people lost their lives due to a pedestrian accident from January through June of 2018.

Numbers aside. Why in the world are there suddenly more pedestrian accidents? If you were injured while crossing a street or in the roadway, you might already have answers of your own.


All things considered, pedestrian accidents occur for a variety of reasons. For starters, some cite society’s compulsion with technology.

Just about everyone knows the perils of texting and driving. However, that’s not to say that distracted driving doesn’t continue to pose a threat. A motor vehicle operator who bends over to play with a GPS device can also accidentally strike a pedestrian.

Meanwhile, there’s also the issue of distracted walking. In some states, it’s against the law to walk down the street with your cellphone in hand.

Think about it. When your eyes are glued to your smartphone, it’s easy to become so involved that you forget to take extra precautions. That said, your inattentiveness doesn’t mean that the driver who hits you is absolved of any responsibility. After all, it’s their duty to keep their vehicle under control.

According to a recent news article, some transportation safety experts blame the increase in pedestrian accidents on the way roads are put together. In some cases, it’s a matter of excessive speed limits. In others, improperly designed intersections and lack of crosswalks also contribute to higher incidences of pedestrian fatalities.

Aggressive driving is another issue when it comes to pedestrian accidents. You may have experienced it yourself. As you cross the street, the driver closest to you waves you on. However, the car behind is impatient and pulls around the first vehicle. There you are stuck in the middle of the intersection with no place to go.

These are just some examples of pedestrian accidents. When man is confronted with a two-ton machine, it’s no wonder that catastrophic injuries or death are often the results.

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