Did Your Loved One Die in a Motor Vehicle Crash?

Few would disagree. The fact that tomorrow is promised to no one seems like a gross understatement. In the blink of an eye, you can lose the companionship of someone close to your heart. Has this happened to you? Did your loved one die in a motor vehicle crash?

The day remains etched in your memory. You said your traditional farewells at the door, never expecting them to be so final. You can’t help but long for that one last kiss – from your spouse, your parent, or child.

According to statistical research for the year 2017, nearly 1200 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania. An overwhelming majority of the fatal crashes occurred in passenger vehicles. As you might expect, the smaller the car – the less chance of survival.

In the meantime, some passenger vehicles represent additional risks. Occupants of pickup trucks and SUVs experienced issues related to the weight of their vehicles. Consider the problem with rollovers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) describes rollovers as complex crash incidents that are extremely violent. Some of the commonalities of rollover accidents include the following:

  • More prevalent in SUVs, pickups, and vans
  • Excessive speed generally a factor
  • Half of all fatal rollovers involve alcohol impairment
  • Occurs more frequently on rural roads

In the meantime, rollover accidents represent a small percentage of fatal motor vehicle crashes. Collisions with other cars, trucks or buses caused many to suffer serious injuries that ultimately took their lives. Over two-thirds of those who died were behind the wheel as drivers.

Pursuing a Claim for a Loved One's Death

When you lose someone you love, you already know that no amount of money will bring them back. However, what happens if you relied on the decedent for financial support?

You may have heard the term “wrongful death” coupled with the words claim or lawsuit. More than likely, you can guess what it means. When someone else’s negligence caused you to lose a loved one in a fatal accident, you should be able to recover money damages.

Meanwhile, you should know that the law determines who may pursue a wrongful death action. The wrongful death lawsuit is filed to provide benefits to the decedent’s survivors.

When you meet with your Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, or Scranton attorney, you will also learn about filing a Survival Claim. This type of lawsuit seeks to recover damages as though your loved one survived the accident.

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