What in the World is a Third-Party Case Under PA Law?


Confused about the meaning of a third-party case? You’re not alone. Although the term gets tossed around in the non-legal world, many don’t understand what it means. If you sustained injuries in a work accident, it might apply to you.

Take this typical scenario as an example. You’re hard at work on a construction site as a general laborer. In the meantime, other trades are busy doing their job to ensure the project completes on time.

As you’re cleaning up some debris, the ceiling above you collapses. Apparently, something went wrong with its construction. Your employer wasn’t hired to plaster or do the drywall work. It could be that another contractor’s negligence created the accident that caused you some rather serious injuries.

Provided there’s proof that the incident wasn’t your company’s fault or that of a co-employee, you may be able to pursue a third-party claim. The bottom line is that someone other than your employer caused the work-related accident that resulted in your injuries.

The workers’ compensation carrier will still take care of your medical bills when you require treatment. However, they subsequently may attempt to subrogate on your behalf. Subrogation means recovering any amounts of money paid out by the insurance company.

The reality is that the workers’ compensation carrier may even suggest that you use their attorneys to pursue a third-party case. Meanwhile, they’re basically looking to recover their losses. You’re therefore much better off speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer of your own selection.


Meanwhile, other types of work-related claims also suggest the pursuit of a third-party case.  Consider these types of accidents that pertain to particular types of employment:

  • Truck DriversAs you carefully navigate your truck along a Pennsylvania highway, a drunken driver plows into your vehicle. The accident is work-related; however, you should also investigate taking legal action against the negligent driver.
  • Machine Shop Operator: Hired to do assembly work, you follow all the necessary precautions in doing your job. Suddenly, and without warning, the machine you are operating goes off kilter. Your arm gets caught in the machine. You may be able to pursue a products liability case as a result of a defective product.
  • Outside Sales Representative: While you are on the way to make a customer visit, a car runs a red light and hits your vehicle. You should speak with an experienced automobile accident attorney about the possibility of bringing a claim against the negligent driver.

The foregoing represents just some examples of prospective third-party actions arising from on-the-job injuries. Your attorney can best explain how the system works in moving forward with multiple claims arising from the same accident.

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