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Student Encouraged To Take The Safe Prom Pledge

drink and drive

As it appeared on WBRE

Each year the Law Firm of Fellerman and Ciarimboli presents the program

By: Joseph Butash | Jayne Ann Bugda

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Make it a night to remember for all the right reasons it is the motto of a “Safe Prom Pledge”.

The law firm of Fellerman and Ciarimboli are once again taking that message to the students. On Thursday they brought their program to Dunmore High School.

Photojournalist Joseph Butash takes us there.

“Senior prom is a night of fun and dancing that happens in high schools across America,” Said Kaitlin Ahern of Dunmore High School,

Colby DeSando, a Dunmore High School Senior agrees “Mainly junior and seniors come together, like an end of the year dance to have fun”.

Each year the Law Firm of Fellerman and Ciarimboli presents a program to stress the importance of making good decisions.

“Our message is to warn them about the dangers associated with drinking and driving. And how if they make one bad decision or they take a drink and decide to get in their vehicle, it could change their life forever,” said Attorney Molly Clark, Fellerman & Ciarimboli-Safe Prom Pledge.

Students understand the need to make important decisions.

“I know on that night (prom night), inhibitions are low. And it can be really hard to make really important decisions. But I think with this program, as long as you instill something in the back of students’ minds, hopefully, it’ll change at least one person’s decision making,” Added Emily Stedina, a Dunmore High School Senior.

“The most important part of the message is not to get in the car, not to drive. They could hurt themselves like I said their friends, they could hurt others, and they could hurt a random bystander,” Said Attorney Clark.

The students were shown a presentation-the included the fact that there were 10,874 deaths (in 2017) that were associated with drink driving)

“No one wants to think about the repercussions when they do something (illegal),” Said Kaitlin Ahern.

“Not to drink and drive. And to be safe on prom night”, Said Attorney Clark.

Colby DeSando summed it up this way, “The last thing you want to listen to is something tragic happening on prom night. It’s very tragic when you lose a classmate,”

Since the program was initiated by the law firm in 2010 more than 30,000 students have signed the pledge — which says the student will abstain from alcohol and drugs on prom night.

The law firm plans on visiting about 50 high schools this prom season.

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