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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death FAQs

PA Wrongful Death AttorneysSimply put, wrongful death lawsuits are usually filed when a person dies due to an individual or party acting in a negligent fashion. Because someone that is deceased cannot file a lawsuit, wrongful death lawsuits are usually brought by a family member of the deceased individual.

Common wrongful death cases stem from:

  • Automobile accidents-If a manufacturer releases a faulty product or another vehicle operator is negligent in their driving responsibilities, such as drinking and driving or operating a vehicle without corrective lenses.
  • Emergency room medical malpractice-If the employees of an emergency room force a patient in need of medical attention to wait without being seen, or a surgeon commits a surgical error.
  • Medical malpractice-If a surgeon fails to diagnose a terminal disease or acts in a manner inconsistent with other professionals in their field. Please see our medical malpractice page for additional resources.
  • Nursing home abuse-If the employees of a nursing home neglect an elderly person.

Why do people file claims for Wrongful Death?

This is a difficult question and the honest answer is that families are typically seeking some level of vindication for the pain that they are experiencing due to the loss of their family member. Though nothing can bring loved ones back, but holding the negligent person or party accountable for their actions can provide some measure of comfort. Here are some examples of cases that Fellerman & Ciarimboli have filed on behalf of our clients…

Family Member Killed by Drunk Driver……


My sister was killed by a drunk driver. You cannot believe the anguish my family faced when the driver of the other car was let off with a minimal sentence. It wasn’t about the money for us, we needed to know that the individual who was responsible for her death knew the pain he had caused us and felt some level of remorse……